Teachers’ Choices

Dear Readers,

I am so indebted to the teachers who have provided me with recommendations about their favorite books.  I’ve attached a power point presentation that highlights their selections, and also provides you with some  “teaser” introductions.  In addition, I review “text complexity” and how it is defined.  This construct is important for all parents, grandparents, and caregivers to understand, as the Common Core Standards require their children to read texts of increasing complexity as they move up the grade levels.

However, the prior knowledge (or schema) you bring to the text is critical in the comprehension process.  My grandson recently read To Kill a Mockingbird  in his ninth grade English class.  To use his words, he had “no clue” what is was about.  After our conversations about this time period, segregation in the South, and the subsequent Civil Rights movement, he was able to understand the characterization, plot, and theme.



Teachers’ choices

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