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I’m always looking for resources to assist teachers, as well as parents/caregivers.  It occurred to me that in previous posts I focused mainly upon reading resources.  We all realize that both reading and writing support a child’s/student’s literacy development.  Therefore, I’ve listed some intriguing writing websites and apps, and plan to try them out in the next two weeks.  I’ll share my reviews afterwards.

Please note that some of the sites listed offer a free trial, but then you must sign up.  They are, however, not costly.  So, stay tuned to my more in-depth review of their usefulness.

Happy Writing!


           Websites and Apps to Engage Kids in Writing

  1. Prezi Video on You Tube – Initial Free Trial(Grades 5-12)


  1. Story Jumper – FREE  (Grades 2-8)


  1. WriteReader – Prekindergarten to Grade One – can add audio


  1. Write About This (3.99) – Prekindergarten to Grade 5


  1. Tell About This (Free to Try or 2.99) (Prekindergarten to Grade One)


  1. Storybird – Free – (Grades K-12)


  1. Story Starter (Grades 2-8)


  1. Book Creator – (Sign in with Google for Schools) – Grades 3-12


  1. Me: A Kid’s Diary – (Grades 2-5)


  1. StoriumEdu – Free to try – Grades 3-12 – Gaming Theory  – SLAM SCHOOL (NCTE)


  1. Scribble Press (App) – (K-5)



  1. Lipa Theater: Story Maker (K-5)



  1. Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App! (K-3)


  1. Scribblet (Grades 2-6)


  1. Little Write Brain (Ages 3 and up)


  1. Storyboard That (Free online) (Grades 2-8)


  1. Comic Creator (K-12) NCTE ReadWriteThink


  1. Fractured Fairytales (Grades 3-12) NCTE ReadWriteThink





  1. Stapleless Books (Grades K-12) NCTE ReadWriteThink


  1. Writing Poetry (Grades K-12) NCTE ReadWriteThink   (Grades K-2)


  1. Learning About Language (K-2)

“Construct a Word”




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